Can you imagine, you know the days with a life companion are coming to
an end.
You've lived long enough to understand the fragile circle of life.
And then by grace..
A door opens and Heringo walks in.
Lisa understood from the beginning.
We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than
our own.
Unable to understand the gaps, we would have it no other way.
She was responsive and understanding.
She placed a new life in our home.
This pup is so impressive with her calm reservation and stature.
She came already socialized to family living.
In a week she understands house training, and manners.
What a wonderful experience this has been for my family.
We owe it all to Lisa's kind heart and always the professional.
Roxanne Dobbins
Woodstock, Georgia

Lisa,  I just wanted to drop a line to say THANK YOU!  I thought that I could never have another lab, about 2 years ago I had to have mine put down he was suffering so much and that is a very long story his name was Tubby and he was 13 years old.  Tubby was very much a part of our family just like a child, he traveled were ever we went and attended every family holiday gathering or event.  He was my life so to speak.  But now Max is so wonderful I love him so much, in just a few short weeks that we have had him he has taken over my heart.  I thank you so much!  We were very worried that we would never be able to find another well mannered family loving dog but he is just that.  You all have done a wonderful job with your dogs I would highly recommend you to anyone who would listen.  I look forward to bringing Max for a visit and we will be forwarding pictures hopefully next week.  He is having a sleep over with his brother Dexter this weekend.  They really enjoy playing together on the weekends.  I know this has been a little lengthy but I just wanted to let you know that you all helped me fill a hole that I had in my heart and even though Max can never replace Tubby he can however be the next great love of my life.  I just want you to know that he is very loved and being taken very good care of.  So in closing thank you from the bottom of my heart!  We are looking forward to hopefully making a future purchase from you.

Kelly Thaxton and Randy Shamblin WV

Lisa, Kelly took Max to the dr this morning, Cross Lanes Vet Hosp, and he is perfect!  The dr wants one too!  He said if all labs were like him everyone would want a house full of them!  He is sooooo lazy… not like dexter… dexter is more playful, max likes to cuddle!  I watched him for a few hours yesterday and it is hard to not sit and hold him all day!   We all love them both! 

Everyone that sees them wants one!  The vet said you are a great breeder and really know what you are doing!  He was really impressed!Max is about 6-7 pounds heavier than dexter.  Talk to you later!

Amy Shamblin WV

Lisa,Max and I thank you for your birthday wishes!! Here's a pic of your beautiful, one year old boy.  It's hard to imagine what life was like without Max.  He's full of energy and charm, and smarter than I could imagine a dog could be. He's different with each of us; I'm the Mom who he knows will love him no matter how mischievous he gets, my son is his pal he can roughhouse with, and Dad's the leader of the pack.  He treats my daughter like she is HIS puppy; protective, playful and gentle.  If she's napping, he goes and nudges her to make sure she's OK and just sleeping.  If I give him the command to "go find Julia" he runs through the house frantically, searching every corner until he finds her. I've faithfully kept him on the New Vet vitamins, and I really think it makes a difference. He's been healthy and fit with a lovely coat and beautiful eyes that can melt your heart. Thank you for recommending them.Thank You,
K. Sanford and family   

Lisa   It's been a long time since I have written to you, I always think to and then something comes up. Just wanted to give you an update on Jack. Still the best money I have ever spent, he is a bundle of joy and a true companion. He goes everywhere with me. We took him to the beach and he absolutely loves the water, he is pretty trained now, he will go out in the water and get the frissbe and drop it at your feet waiting for you to throw it again and again and again, I get tired before he does. Jack is a true gentleman also, he has not met another dog that he don't like to play with, he gets in the front window and looks accross the street to see if his buddy Roscoe is out and if he is he'll walk through the house whinning and wimpering until I let him out to go play, they are truly best friends. Again I want to say thank you for sharing your wonderful Lab with me, when people I know and trust are looking for a Lab I always give them your name. Again thank you so much for the bundle of joy. Jack is truly a mans best friend he's my little buddy. And yes he still sits like a human with his back against the couch and acts like he knows what is on tv, truly funny, everytime we try to get a picture of it he gets down. I will send you more pictures. Take care and please stay in touch. Sincerely,

Joe Debonis- Norfolk, VA 


I wanted to send you an update on how little “soon to be BIG”  Bogie is doing. Words can’t express how much our family has enjoyed him!  He is the best little fellow!  Our vet keeps telling us that we have a rare one.  He is so laid back and pleasant to be around.  The girls carry him around and pull on him like he is a rag doll and he loves it.  It’s amazing how much he has grown over the last 4 weeks.  We had him fixed this past Tuesday and he seems to be doing very well.  I have attached a few pictures for you.   

Thanks again and  for a fine young man !

Steve, Gina, Ellie and Mimi, Raliegh, NC

Lisa,  I just wanted to let you know that Gunner is doing great.  He is very smart as you stated and I couldn't have asked for a better pup!  He's beautiful and has already grown so much.  He knows his sits, downs, comes, and potty commands already!  I will send pics when I take some today!   Thanks again!

Meg Hawkins- VA 

Dear Lisa and family,
I just wanted to say Jake is an awesome addition to the family. He has captured the hearts of the neighbors and everyone that meets him with his handsome looks and sweet eyes. His light color is constantly complimented as very striking. I don't think he knows just how special he really is. He enjoys hours a day of playing with Maggie my golden retriever. He loves water just like his mom Honey..  We all have fun during training sessions-loves his treats. Jake and I are taking ulimate puppy class now.. He is about 31 pounds at 4mos and still sits in my lap. Thank you for taking the time to send puppy pictures and emails before pick up day. It was priceless to see him grow in the early weeks. He looks more and more like his daddy , Scout . Thank you for letting me be a part of Jakes life for it has blessed mine. Sincerely, Debby W.   Stafford , Virginia

Cooper is doing great.  I think he knows how good looking he is! Judging by the way he loves to say hello to new people and dogs, he was obviously well socialized at the kennel.  The Heringo Labs website portrays a breeder that loves what she does and cares most about the wellbeing of the dogs she breeds.  After frequent communication and meeting in person, I was reassured that the dedication which comes across on the website is sincere.  You were and continue to be a pleasure to deal with….and your dogs “speak” for themselves. Thanks for everything.

LP Frieder, PA...

Spooner is happy and healthy; you'll have some pictures soon.  We are working
on house breaking, using a crate at night, feeding the Iams--no leash
training yet, but soon.  Spooner has grown to what appears to be twice
his size; he sleeps in the kitchen under the booth a lot.  Spooner is
receptive to positive training using a clicker, has never messed his
crate and has fewer accidents indoors.  He swam in LAke Anna for a
couple of days over the weekend and loved it.

You have bred a fine, friendly, smart and phenotypically awe-inspiring
beast who will have a good life here in Richmond.. Thank you. Brady Campbell and Family.


 I can not say enough about your love for the dogs you are breeding. The one thing I've always looked for in a breeder is someone who looks out for the puppies welfare instead of how much money they will make on them. You enjoy being involved in the lives of each puppy you give a way and it was obvious to us when we received "Topher" that she was well taken care of before we got her. And, no, you can not have her back! We absolutely love her. She has made herself at home with our other lab and our children and has captured our hearts. Thanks so much for the information about what to ask the vet and how to get started, and thanks for the ongoing e-mails, concerns and interest in how she's doing.We will be calling you the next time we decide to get another lab.Thanks!

Julie and Chris Huff, Cincinnati OH.

Dear Lisa,
Thanks for bringing Napoleon into our lives, and introducing us to the joy of labrador retrievers. Napoleon is now a resident of downtown Richmond, enjoying his 1.5 acres next to the James River. He's adapting well to the house, loves his romps in the River, and is generally making his presence in the family indispensable. We've had him just over a week now, and his temperament is great -- he's in the beginning of the rambunctious phases of puppy life and is chewing everything up --, his attitude is positive, and he just seems to have a great outlook on life! Everything checked out fine at his first vet visit. He's getting his worm medicine, got his microchip, and goes back for his third series of shots next week. We are very pleased, and Napoleon seems pretty happy too. Take care and we'll keep in touch.
Greg, Ruth and Joana Buck,Richmond VA

Lisa, I wanted to write you a testimonial for your page, and about our experience with you. We left out from Tennesee, to come to your place bright and early on a saturday morning, you and your family made us feel like family from the start, very nice people with great hospitality. Our trip was in that, quite a trip!  We were in somewhat of a rush to get home that day, for my best friends wedding. When our car broke down at Lisa's, of course we panicked, being a weekend and a wedding later in the day. Being far from home and nothing open in order to help us, i was in tears, Lisa told us to " get in the car, that she was always ready for a roadtrip" 6 hours from home, Lisa drove us back so we would not miss or be late for the wedding. and would NOT accept a penny for doing so, we had so much fun on our road trip, and made a really good friend that day. Lisa also made all the calls, knowing the area to get our car in and fixed up. Thanks Lisa, you go way beyond a great person and breeder. You are wonderful and so is our puppy, Jenny. It was a pleasure meeting you!. Heather and Dave Blankenship. TN.

Hi Lisa.
We adopted  Bailey Mae from you in November for my husband.  She is unbelievable!!!!  I have to say (and so does everyone who sees her), she is the prettiest lab I have ever seen (of course, I may be a little partial).  She is the best mannered, sweet tempered animal I have ever had.  She is truly a part of our family.  My husband will be contacting you to get information on boarding Bailey with you while we go on vacation.  Since she is our “baby”, we worry about putting her in a kennel here in town.   Also, I wanted to check with you to see if you have any pictures of her when she was first born or before we got her.  I want to make a collage of her pictures and just wanted to see if you had some baby pictures.  Once again, I can’t tell you how much we love her and how thankful we are to have found you.  We can’t imagine life without her.   Thanks again. 
The Lingenfelters, WV


Dear Lisa, just wanted to let you know our puppy is doing great. We bought her on
Valentine's Day from you and she just integrated into our family wonderfully. This
picture is old of her, but we just wanted you to know she is doing well. Her name is
Snickers Taylor. We will keep you updated.                     The Taylors, Ohio.            

Lisa, i hope you put my testimonial on your website because i want everyone to know what a wonderful breeder you are. you were so patient, so helpful, and so understanding of our situation, wanting to get Alexis a puppy but was unable to pay at that time. You were so very trusting to allow us to make payment arrangements in order for her to have one. We thank you so much, you are a truly wonderful person, and it was more than a pleasure meeting you and your family. Please come and visit us. We would be more than glad to have you, and im sure the puuppy would love that as well. Thanks again. I have made a good friend in you. Tina Jameson, Colorodo

.Hello Lisa, 
 My name is Amy, , I purchased a pup from you in Aug, a choc.male pup,  it was your last one. Well I just wanted to send you a letter and let you know that he is doing great. Now at 5 months old he weighs 50lbs,I just had him to the vet a couple of weeks ago and he was 45lbs.His name is Hershey, he is my baby I LOVE HIM to death. He stays instead, he sleeps with me, he loves my kids and they love him. He is my 3rd child!! Thank you SO much. Amy, WV

Lisa,      Thanks again for all your help and consideration.  You are wonderful people who adore Labradors just as much as my husband and I do.  Kate is doing great, even the cat is coming around.  Kate is adjusting fine to our new home and land (we haven't introduced her to the pond yet).  She is already learning new tricks.  She is very calm and laid back which is great.  She is a very fast learner.  We are defiantly proud parents.  Once again thanks for everything, you have been a tremendous help.  Joni and Blake Bible, Fayetteville WV.

lisa, just wanted to send you a few shots of us with Jenna...yeah, we ended up with a totally different name altogether! anyway, the name Jenna came from the movie Balto II that the boys have and i don't know what took so long to remember that! she's doing fine, but i haven't gotten her to the vet yet. hopefully this week, i'll get her there..the boys love her to death, all they want to do is play with her, so she'll have a pretty good life with these two....Justin seems to be her favorite of the two kids, and Joy really spoils her...but she's a daddy's girl, she just won't leave my side!!! i've almost got her potty trained, i figure she'll be done within a couple of weeks at the most...only 2 accidents so far, one in the kennel and one in the basement...but i'll keep working with to you later,

Fred Bias and family, WV                                                              


Our puppy is wonderful. We are so blessed to have her. We took her to the vet yesterday, she got a clean bill of health. The vet looked over the vet record and was very impressed by the care she received while at your home. She said most people didn’t worm them right, but you did. She is very healthy. Since we waited on her before she was born, we were so anxious, thank you for keeping us updated with photos and emails. We appreciate everything you have done for us.

Scott and Lisa Goodnight, WV

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