Hi Lisa,

Cheddar just had his second visit to the vet today.  He weighed in at 22.2 lbs., and he's in perfect health.  Cheddar's growing up to be a handsome boy. Besides being a gorgeous pup, Cheddar has got an exceptional disposition.  He has an extremely magnetic personality.  All of my neighbours find him irresistible.  He's already made so many new friends because he's so beautiful and amicable.  Indeed, he's become quite famous in the neighbourhood...he's the new pretty puppy on the block. I'm really impressed with Cheddar, and I would like to commend you for putting so much care and attention into choosing such a great puppy for me.  I couldn't have hoped for a better pup. Thank you for your hard work in producing such an extraordinary pup. 

Jessica Sin, Cambridge, Mass.

Dear Lisa,
I'm writing this testimonial because everyone who visits your site should
know how special you and your lab puppies are. I "shopped" online for
breeders for two months before I finally found you, and as soon as I visited
your site I knew you were the one. All of your honesty and passion for what
you do is well represented...and through our MANY conversations and meeting
in person, I feel like I have a new friend! You were kind enough to drive to 
1/2 way to meet me with "the baby" (as we called him before he had a
name)...and I have to tell you that the thing that really touched me was
when you said you always whisper something special to the puppies before
they leave. That shows how much you love and care for them...it's really not
about money, you give them the world. You've really impressed me by asking
for updates on the vet appointment, and what I named him (even e-mailing me
a list of popular names!) I can't even put into words what a joy our little
baby boy is! He's about seven weeks old, and he is SO affectionate, playful,
and just SO darn CUTE! I'll be sending lots of pictures! Thank you, Lisa,
for being so nurturing, knowledgeable, and having such passion for your
labs...they are beautiful! Also, thank you for always answering my endless
e-mails right away...you made me feel very special! If I get another lab,
you're the only breeder I would consider. Thanks again!
MaCall Dickson
Pittsburgh, PA

P.S. I think his name is Tucker...such a great Lab name! :-)

Dear Lisa,

We Rate you an A+.....   I can not say enough about our experience with you.  From the start, entering your website, I could feel something very special about your business.  Your statements were very forthright and it seemed to me that your concern was more with the dogs than potential customers.  And that said a lot about your character.  Your response was quick, you went above and beyond to accommodate our schedule and you were very pleasant ( and patient!) to deal with throughout our emails. And now the best part.  Zoë.  Beautiful, sweet, well tempered and wonderfully socialized puppy.  Everyone we have shown her or her pictures to says how perfect she is, in her coloring, her personality and her build.  Stocky little girl and SO smart!  Learned the routine of the house so fast!  Very patient, very easy to train.  In all my years I have never seen a dog learn so quickly.  She loves to sit pretty and wait for you to love her! Thank you again for all your help.  I rave about you and your pedigree to everyone who will listen.  It is so rare to find such love and care in this business.  And I seem to have met a wonderful friend as well!             

Jennifer Mcpherson.      Manassas, Va

Hi Lisa, took Hailey for her checkup, The vet said she is in wounderful health.  Everyone working in the vets office remarked that she was the prettiest Choc. Lab they have seen. She weighed 15 1/2 lbs.  The vet said that the pup must come from a very good blood line, he also remarked that we must of got her from a very good breeder. The new father is very happy with her. Thanks again for all your help Sat, when we had vehicle trouble!  We will be taking some pictures of the pup and E-Mailing them to you. We will be glad to recommend your pups to anyone.
Joe and Matt Brumage, Frostburg, MD                        

Hi Lisa!

Well, hershey has adjusted to farm life very well. She is so precious, we love her very much. She is very smart, doing good on the housetraining, she goes to the door when she wants out. She loves it outside as much as inside, i looked out the other night, and Hershey and Harley were in the same dog house. They get along so well.  Thank you so much for her!                     

Angie and Bruce Trent, Ohio


Hi, Onyx is doing wonderful. She is such a pretty puppy. She is VERY spoiled and very rotten. She gets plenty of attention around here! I will send pictures soon. Her name is Lady Onyx. She was well worth the 14 hours in the car!!!

Sandi and Onyx Tucker and family, Maryland

Hi Lisa,

Although i only recently met you for a brief moment when i drove the girls down, 14 hours round trip to pick up the puppies, i feel like i know you just from all he emails that we have received from you. I dont know what we would do without Rye, shes such a delight and joy to have around. Shes So smart and very intelligent and the most beautiful lab pup ive seen in a long time. Shes such a good girl, 9 weeks old and already housebroken and sleeping all night. Dale said Rye is the best birthday/christmas gift he could ever received. She is his best friend, along with our other lab, Ace. Thank you for having such wonderful labs. Keep up the good work!!!  Dale and Renae G. St. Leonard MD.

.Lisa, Just thought I would let you know that Jake is doing great.  He weighs in at about 55lbs.  We love him.  People can not believe how well behaved he is.  If we ever decide to get another one you will be the only choice.  Thank you.  M.Helman, S. Carolina

Dear Lisa and family:

 I know this letter is long over due. Our lives are filled to the brim with all good stuff now that Chester is here with us! Chester arrived very late one Thursday night in March. The kids had been waiting up since we got the call from the shippers that he was on his way. Poor baby boy, Chester had a long cross country trip from West Virginia all the way here to Southern California. Snow to Sand in about a week. When the van carrying Chester pulled into our driveway at 1: OO PM we all ran out of the house to say hello to a very sleepy puppy. My son gathered up his birthday present into his arms and immediately went to introduce Chester to our other pets.  We've now been a family for a month and I don't remember what it was like without our "big cheese" as he is sometimes called.  Lisa told us that Chester thought of himself as another person and he really does. He is the most mellow dog I've ever known. He is wonderfully expressive and infectiously happy. He was paper trained by Lisa before he came home, so he potty-trained fairly quickly outside. He is 100% now, thank goodness because he is a BIG boy. Foxy and Zorro keep him busy running, wrestling and sleeping together in a big "dog pile" in any sunny spot. But the most fun for me is taking them all on their morning walk on the beach. It is the best way to start my day. All three are off leash and they make a mad dash for the ocean. Chester is usually the slowest and tumbles over his own feet a few times before he catches up to the Doxies. They all run after the Sandpipers and race through the shore-waves after them. Being the great bird dog that he is Chester gets into a really low crouch and sorta slinks up to the bird, ( maybe he thinks that the bird won't notice a 32 lb. puppy coming for him) then he'll straighten up and go like 60's until the bird takes off over the Sea. Sometimes he lets his little-big brother, Zorro go after the bird first and then he'll wait to cut Zorro off as he whizzes by, sending them both tumbling and somersaulting over each other in the wet sand.  I swear I see a smile on Chester's face when he does that!  Chester is the most beautiful Chocolate color I've ever seen in a Chocolate Lab. Really! He is more like "Bittersweet chocolate" than like the more common "Milk Chocolate" color that I see in the West coast so much. His eyes are a lovely shade of Hazel that make me jealous! He is a "show stopper," as one girlfriend said. As our Vet. was examining him I showed him the pictures from the little booklet that Lisa provided for us of him. Our Vet  said that judging from the look of Chester's Mom and Dad, Chester will be a "magnificent" looking boy. In our "ring" he is a champion! Thank you so much, Lisa and Heringo Labradors, not only for a beautiful "show" dog, but mostly for a beautiful and kind personality from our Chester. He is our baby boy and such fun. If I had to have one complaint, I'd say it's that he's stingy with his kisses! But when he does "plant one on ya" it's big, wet and sloppy! So it lasts! Thanks again for our newest baby, Chester! We love him!  

The Unterbergers, Laguna Beach, California

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