1. I see puppies for sale for $400-35000.00, WHATS UP WITH THAT??? Very reputable breeders CANNOT place a puppy for 400.00. They have done breeding clearances, have alot invested in the sire/dam/litter,vet checks, puppy shots, ultrasounds, you name it,  and all the additional expenses involved iwth a breeding- its not possible.

~ How often do you have puppies? 1-3 times per year, sometimes not at all. we do not breed our females more than once per year BUT  If we would happen to breed back to back, we let the female skip a heat season or two before breeding again. On occasion, we have a puppy for sale from a litter out of our males, the pick of litter.

2. Is my deposit nonrefundable? Ive found one somewhere else or changed my mind? NOPE, you shouldve thought this thing thru more.. Dont waste my time or yours.

3. What colors do you breed? We breed all 3 colors, choc, black and yellows. Our yellows range from near white to fox reds.

4. Do you have silver labs, or puppies? No. WE DO NOT OWN SILVER LABS..

5. Are your Labradors all AKC registered? Yes, each one. We do not register with any other kennel club.But are place on limited reg., not for breeding purposes.
6. How long have you owned Labradors? I have owned Labradors over 15 years.

7. What has your puppies been used for? Pets,show, drug dogs, search and rescue and seeing eye dogs.

8. Do you ever refuse someone wanting a puppy? YES I have on occasion, if the person or situation doesn’t sound right or seem right to me, that gut feeling, then I place the puppy somewhere else. This has happened a few times in my years dealing with people.

9. Does the puppies have shots and wormings before leaving the breeder? Yes, the puppies receive their first shots at 5 weeks. They are wormed at two weeks of age and when needed until they leave for their new homes.

10. What puppy food do you feed your puppies? Please inquire.

11. But what if we are not SURE that a puppy will work for us right now? THEN... Buy a goldfish!! If one is not sure, they DO NOT need to be getting a puppy!!!!

12. Can we take the puppy and if it doesnt work out, can we return it? NO,you will not get a puppy.  if you are unsure of a puppy, go to answer on question 11...

13. What others breeds do you own? Labradors are the only breed we raise.

14. Have you ever had puppies with parvo,distemper, or any deadly diseases on the premises? NO, we are careful with what comes on the premises and we keep stray dogs, etc. out with all our fencing. We make SURE all dogs are current on vaccines! 

15. Have you ever had coccidiosis or giardia on your premises? Coccidia, Yes and i personally do not know a breeder who hasnt, even the most well known breeders have battled this at some point or another... BUT keep in mind, a puppy can develop this when stressed out, and sometimes it happens when they go to a new home. At a recent show, this topic came up between ALOT of breeders, and ALL have experienced this at one time, that is why Albon and Corid were made!!!

16. Can we come and visit our puppy before he/she is ready to leave? Read our kennel visit page. 

17. Are you a puppy mill? why several labs?? OK this is going to be a long one!! First of all, if you think by the contents of my website, that i am POSSIBLY a puppy mill, leave my site and find a puppy elsewhere. As for myself and all breeders who care about the labrador breed, this question can be VERY offensive. First of all, before one should jump to that conclusion, maybe go and spend a day with a breeder. I am out at 5-6am each morning, cleaning, watering, and feeding my labradors. During the day,  i am still cleaning, doing different things to make the labs comfortable. I spend SO much money on my labs, with vet visits, treats, toys, fencing, and much much more. I KEEP blisters on my hands where i work out with these guys, doing this that and the other. My labs have ONE on ONE attention, not forgotten about. They are ALL very social, you can see in their eyes, they are are loved, and give that back. NOW, someone who operates a "puppy mill" does not care what they breed, they get a cheap dog out of the paper and do not care about its lines.They do not care about the dog at all, they just want to sell puppies. They do not have a clue what is in the pedigrees, they do not care to order them, or research them. They do not care to take the dog to the vet and have its proper clearances before breeding. I have spent ALOT of money on the labs i have, i make sure they come from good breeders, who care about them as i do. I went, a few years back, to what i DO call a puppy mill down next to Tennessee with a friend of mine, these people had over 400 dogs, yes 400. They were SOOO scared, they were all together in small pens, the look in their eyes, were just horrible, it was so very sad, they were unclean, they had no hope left, their eyes told me. THANK GOD the humane society, i found out after that, shut these people down, and found homes for the dogs they could, but ALOT of them were put to sleep. Good breeders work hard, they really do, and they care about what they have, I LOVE MY LABS, and honestly, i take care of the crew i have better than most people who have one dog. We do not chain our dogs, we do not have them in small cages. If i were to ever get to the place where my labradors could not be taken care of as they need to be, then i would not keep them, it wouldnt be fair. Labs have big hearts, and for anyone to abuse, neglect, or not love one, they do not need them~~