Heringo's Alice


Heringo's Pinewood Midnight Rocker X's Heringo's Blossom


 Cardiac Normal

Eyes Clear

Hip prelims Good

HNPK Clear

Cystinuria Clear

CNM Clear


DM Clear

EIC- Carrier (not affected)

Brucellosis Negative


Heringos Alice Heringos Pinewoods Midnight Rocker Ch Grandquest Ican Rock ur World
Owned by Heringo
Ch Little Rivers Orphin Calvin Ch. Langshot Force from KimValley
Ch. Little Rivers Magic Moment
Grandquest Glitter and Glitz Ch. Lindall a lil bit of Action
Rocheby Iced Sundae
Pineycreeks Midnight Jewel Spice of Lifes chocolate Moose Gaffs Griffindor
Spice of Lifes Chilly Bean
Daisy Of Wilderness Ridge Tylers White Basil
Casey Junior
Heringos Blossom Ch Mtn. Meadows Lady Man
Owned by Heringo
Ch. Mtn Meadow Romeo Ch Mtn Meadows Bumble Bee
Springbok Tiz a Sight
Ch. Mtn Meadow lady Luck Ch. Karosels Pleasure Seeker
Ch. Ridgeview Cyclone
Heringos Honey Im Home Ch Shannon Valleys Beauregard Ch. Ridgeviews Bugs Bunny
Shannons Brothers Keeper
High Crest Triscuit O reagan Ch. Croftsway Portside
Ch Gainspride Shilo at Highcrest
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