1. NUVET, please have it ordered before your puppy goes home.

2. Puppy Food,  we use Iams Large Breed puppy formula.

3. Food and Water bowls

4. Travel crate or wire cage to keep puppy inside for housebreaking. Get a big one, its a waste of money getting a small one and then go larger. Plus, your puppy will have room to get out of his "mess" if he does have an accident. Otherwise, you will have a nasty crate to clean up AND a puppy!

5. Collar with personalized name plate. ( Here at Heringo, we ONLY use collars for outings, training, etc. We do not keep collars on our labradors, they can get hung on chainklink fencing, stuck in the cracks on decks and so on.).

6. leash

7. Toys  (keeps puppy from getting as bored while in crate, We do not recommend rubber/pastic squeeky toys as the puppy can chew them up and swallow them, many pups/dogs die each year from problems resulting from doggie toys, such as choking, lodged in tummy, etc.).

8. Rawhide Puppy Chews, teach your  puppy this is for chewing, not your shoes or coffee table.

9. Treats: puppy biscuits, etc.

10. Pillow bed for short naps while being supervised until your puppy is totally crate trained. FORGET the cute pillow in the crate thing, unless you want to wash the cover quite a bit, its going to happen. Old towels, etc. is good for the crate, something that you can wash easily or throw away.

11. NEWSPAPERS! to put down in the crate for accidents until he/she is mature enough to wait for the outdoors.

12. VET APPT.- set it up so that your puppy is on the books when he/she arrives home.


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