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At Heringo Labradors, it has always been our goal to produce genetically sound, good looking, dual purpose Labradors that are perfect for the show ring, field, or a couch companion! We strive to make the Labrador the best that it can possibly be with a selective breeding program. We breed for QUALITY not QUANTITY. We strongly believe in breeding clearances and will only use lines with good genetics in our program. If we can eliminate some of the problems that are sometimes common in labs, then we will do so.

We are very proud and honored to own the magnificent Labrador. They're simply an amazing breed.. We are very serious in what we do and the decisions we make regarding the breed. With the love we have for the Labrador, it's up to US to make the decisions regarding our labs and for the puppies we produce, we want them to have the best life possible with happiness and health.
We place the majority of our puppies on AKC limited registration in order to abolish overpopulation, puppy mills, and irresponsible breeding. We believe in spaying and neutering of pet puppies.

Our Labradors go all over the world for family pets and loyal companions, showing in the ring, hunting, search and rescue, drug dogs, etc. We're very proud of each puppy we have produced.

We believe to be a “breeder” that one should try to make the breed the better. To do so, it can be very expensive. Purchasing good quality labs, health and breeding clearances, different testing and a host of other ’musts’ for a breeder. When someone “breeds” and has been for awhile, to me, there's NO excuse for not having clearances done on their breeding dogs such as OFA Certifications, X-rays on hips/elbows, PRA/PRCD testing, EIC, Cardiac, etc.  A real breeder will put money back into the dogs and have something to show for their hard work. The excuses that way to many use or “beat around the bush” so to speak when asked certain questions about their dogs are: “No, the parents haven't been checked for their hips but they have no problems, they walk and run perfectly” OR “ No clearances, but the parents come from OFA good parents, no problems in the lines” OR “ the breeder we got our dog from did the parents hips, they were good”. One should never be fooled by those words, as problems can show up from generations back.  Even though parents are clear that is NO guarantee the puppies will be. Also, just because a dog will run and walk without showing signs of problems means absolutely nothing. I've owned dogs that I thought the hips would be perfect when x rayed, turn out to be very dysplastic and not show a sign of it for years. When someone has owned and bred their dogs and have made money from the dogs, its clear they are only in it for the money if they do not care about the genetics and what they are breeding enough to have them checked. A real breeder will purchase from quality lines, not finding an older Labrador "of breeding age" out of the paper at a low cost or free and breeding it. I have found SO many ‘breeders” will not even bother ordering a pedigree for their dogs, which could lead very easily to inbreeding and cause serious problems in puppies/dogs.

To have healthy happy adults, they need exercise daily, clean/fresh water at all times, a quality dog food, vet care, and LOTS OF LOVE AND ATTENTION.

We believe litters should be carefully planned!
A lot of time and thought MUST go into a litter. Having to many litters at one time would be very difficult, nearly impossible to give the puppies the care and socialization that is needed to keep them healthy and happy.

I hope you find my website informative and enjoying. Im always here to answer your emails and phone calls with any questions you may have.

ENJOY and GOD BLESS!! and Rememeber- Jesus loves YOU!



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